Felt Hat Restorations

The Hat Store Felt Hat Restoration Process

  1. To start the renovation process, each hat is stripped of the old leather, lining, and band. Hat is inspected for cuts, breaks, and holes in crown and brim. Surface dirt is removed and hat is chemically treated for different types of stain.
  2. The hat is then thoroughly washed in a chemical solution to remove stains and embedded soil. Excess fluid is then extracted from the hat.
  3. Once the hat is dry, it is inspected to be sure it is as clean as possible and then stiffened.
  4. Steam blocking is a process to establish the correct head size and crown height. At this time a hat can be made smaller or larger.
  5. The brim and crown are then ironed to create a smooth working surface.
  6. The brim and crown are then pounced, powdered and dry ragged to regain color and finish. This procedure can be repeated as many times as needed to gain the proper finish.
  7. Even with machinery to insure a smooth quality finish, extensive handwork is done because no two hats are alike.
  8. The hat is placed in a wooden flange and the brim is pressed to tighten, smooth, and form initial shape. The bag is filled with sand and heated to accomplish this.
  9. The hats are then moved to the trim department for finishing. The first step is cutting and fitting each leather sweatband by hand to each individual hat to insure a proper and comfortable fit.
  10. The leather sweatband is then hand guided and stitched to the hat.
  11. The outside trim or ribbon is then tacked to the hat. The trims vary in color and width to give each hat an individual appeal.
  12. Each hat is then custom fitted with a silk lining.
  13. Each hat is processed through a final inspection for a good finish and workmanship by qualified hatters before shipping. Shaping is done as per customer instructions.

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