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– Sam Silver, Founder, and owner of American Hat Company, Morris Cohen and M.J. “Bubba” Silver.

“Why do people come to The Hat Store? Experience would be my number one answer.

My family has a long history in the business of making and fitting western and dress hats. As a matter of fact, one of the largest hat manufacturers in the country, the American Hat Company, was founded by my grandfather, Sam Silver, back in 1915 in Houston, Texas

My GRANDDAD taught my Dad and Uncle how to customize hats and they, in turn, taught me.

I shaped my first hat when I was 13. I’m in my 70’s now. It was a labor of love for me working with hats. I have never not enjoyed making and cleaning and shaping hats but I really enjoy making hats.

There’s a certain family feel here at The Hat Store that you don’t get at other stores.

We’re pretty easy-going, friendly and we try to put our customers at ease. I feel very strongly about putting a customer at ease especially if this is the first time buying a hat. I like to make friends with my customers and let them know it’s going to be ok. We’ll figure it out together.

I like to give my customers a real education about hats…what they’re made of, the different styles available, why a particular shape fits their face better than others. I figure the more they know about hats, the more comfortable they will feel and the more they will appreciate what we do at The Hat Store.

I think customers like it when someone with real experience and knowledge waits on them. They like the personal attention and I enjoy helping a customer create the perfect hat. When I wait on a customer, I know the hat will be perfect. I know it’s perfect when they smile.

I hope that you enjoy your new hat from The Hat Store. Thank you very much for your confidence and we will always strive to make your dealing with us a happy experience.

Wear it proudly!

– Gary Cohen


– Gary Cohen, Hat Maker.

5587 Richmond Ave,

Houston, TX 77056


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