Hat Tips

by Gary A. Cohen

Our Founder, Sam Silver, created the original American Hat Company in Houston, Texas in 1915. We carry on our family’s tradition by specializing in the fine art of cutting, steaming and hand-shaping hats.

    Hat Etiquette

    ● Hats have a season. Labor Day to Easter are felt hats and Easter to Labor Day are straw hats.

    ● A gentleman should always

    ● Remove his hat in an elevator with a lady present.

    ● Tip his hat to a lady when greeting or passing her.

    ● Take his hat off in a restaurant unless no arrangements were made by the establishment to hang the hat or have it checked.

    ● Remove his hat when indoors.

    ● Never, but never put your hat on your bed! An old wives’ tale of 7 years bad luck. Either way you’re not going to catch me putting my hat on my bed!

    Proper Handling
    • Whenever putting on or taking off your western felt hat, try to always handle the hat by the front and back of the brim, just next to the crown with 4 fingers. This process will help keep the crown clean and the shape neat and crisp as it was when new.

    • Step 1 should also include whenever possible washed hands, especially with the lighter colors such as Silver belly or Silver Sand. This step is important because we not only may wash off dirt and grime, but also grease or oils that are naturally found on our skin.

    • Whenever you take off your hat, be sure and place it upside down on the crown. This step is vital to aid in keeping the brim shape.

    Proper Storage
    • When storing or traveling with your hat, a good hat carrier is a great investment. You can adjust the carrier to your hat size. This will keep the fit right and also protect your hat.
    • When your dress or western felt hat gets dusty and needs a good quick freshening, you may simply dust it off using a hat brush, a small plastic sponge or even a whisk broom if it’s for the stouter western hat.

    • A good quality dress and western felt hat should never be bothered by rain or snow, but acid rain can and will stain your hat. A rain cover is a small price to pay to keep your hat dry. But also, remember that a really good beaver hat gets better with age. A good old fashioned rain never hurt a quality felt hat! And remember, without water your fine felt hat couldn’t have been made at all!

    • If someone were to accidentally open a soft drink or beer and spray your felt hat, simply take it to a cool water faucet and let the fresh cool water in a small stream glide over the “stained surface” while using the “side end “of your index finger to quickly but softly scratch those areas. Wash the stain out, which shouldn’t take more than a minute or less depending on the depth of the stain.
      Remember, this step is to be done before the stain is dry. Then, let the hat dry naturally….do not ever use a hair dryer or any other hot air machine and always keep it out of the sun when you’re not wearing it. Leaving any hat in a hot car is also not good.

    • The more care that is given to keep your felt hat dust free, the better. As dust and dirt gets down in the tiny crevices of the crown and brim, it will rub and weaken the felt fibers, a quick dust off using a hat brush or a small plastic sponge will extend the life of your hat.

    • Finally, after all this, just fix your hat on your head where it feels good and have fun and enjoy it!

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