Need help finding the right fit for you?

The most important thing in a hat is the fit. It’s got to be comfortable. If it’s not comfortable, you’ll never want to wear it.

The perfect hat is lightly snug all the way around your head. Never too tight or too loose. There are many adjustments we can make to make sure you have the perfect fit.

From an open crown and brim, we can shape a felt or straw hat into the specific hat you are wanting. The majority of the felt bodies that we start the process with are a 6 inch crown and 4 ¼ inch brim. For the felt bodies that we do have in stock, we can cut the brim size down as small as you would like. When we made Merle Haggard’s hats, he would have us take it down to 2 inches. You can see from photos online of Merle and his hats, most of which started with a 4 ¼” brim that was cut down. Many of his brims also had a pencil curl, which we can do for you as well.

We are not limited to these felt crown and brim sizes, there are bigger as well as smaller sizes that you can special order with us.

Take your time looking at the various styles we can do and if you have one in mind that you do not see, send us a picture with some measurements, if we can’t do it, we will let you know.

Style Guide

Hat Size Chart

To measure your head, use a soft measuring tape and measure about 1″ above the eyebrow and around the widest portion of the back of the head (you can adjust this if your hat rests differently on your head). Use this measurement in inches to find the corresponding hat size on the chart below.

American Size Size In Imperial (in) Size in metric (CM)
6 – 3/8 20 – 1/4″ 51 cm
6 – 1/2 20 – 5/8″ 52 cm
6 – 5/8 21″ 53 cm
6 – 3/4 21 – 1/2″ 54 cm
6 – 7/8 21 – 7/8″ 55 cm
7 22 1/4″ 56 cm
7 1/8 22 5/8″ 57 cm
7 – 1/4 23″ 58 cm
7 3/8 23 3/8″ 59 cm
7 – 1/2 23 – 3/4″ 60 cm
7 5/8 24″ 61 cm
7 3/4 24 1/2″ 62 cm

Hat colors

Choose a color to match your outfit. 



Silver Sand

Silver Belly



Midnight Blue



Charcoal Grizzly




Black Grizzly

Black Cherry

Belgium Belly Grizzly

Head Shape

The following chart displays the different head shapes from a top view, and it serves as a guide on how a hat will fit you depending on the shape of your head.

Round Oval

You might feel a slight tightness on the sides if you have an oval-shaped head.

Long Oval

You might feel a slight tightness on the front and back with some space on the sides if you have a Long oval-shaped head.

Wide Oval

You might feel a slight tightness on the side with some space on the front and back if you have a wide oval-shaped head.

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